The Bannu town was founded in 1848 by Herbert Benjamin Edwardes, a lieutenant in the 1st Bengal European Fusiliers Regiment of the East India Company's private army. He ordered the construction of the fort – named Dhulipgarh (Dalipgarh) in honour of the Maharajah of Lahore – at the same time. At the time of its founding, the town was named Dhulipnagar (Dalipnagar). Its name was later changed to Edwardesabad in 1869. In 1903, it received its current name, Bannu.

Bannu is a district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  province of Pakistan. It was recorded as a district in 1861 during the British Raj. it is situated at a distance of 190 km, in the south of Peshawar It borders North Wazitistan to the northwest, Karak to the northeast, Lakki Marwat to the southeast, and South Waziristan to the southwest.

Latitude in decimal degrees:


Longitude in decimal degrees:


Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds:

32° 54' 13" North

Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds:

70° 38' 12" East

Height above sea level:

342 m, 1122.05 ft, 13464.57 in

History of Bannu Cantt

Before the declaration as a Cantonment, the Construction of Bannu Fort commenced on 18th December, 1847. The Fort was named after the Ruler of Punjab “Duleep Garh Fort”.
Bannu was declared a Cantonment and its boundaries were defined under the Punjab Government Notification No. 1016 dated 17-12-1891 and No. 1015 dated 07-11-1992. Its boundaries were last extended and defined vide Government of Pakistan, Ministry of defence Notification No. 1035/53 dated October 1953.

The Cantonment was first surveyed in 1929 by the Special Land Officer in connection with the preparation of the General Land Register (GLR) under the Cantonment Land Administration Rules, 1925. It was last surveyed in 1957-58 under the auspices of Survey of Pakistan Deptt. The Register and plan prepared in conjunction with it give full details of the description, classification, management and owne-ship of each holding within the Cantonment limits

Bannu Cantonment now covers an area of 4.298 Sq. Kilometers (1.66 Sq. Miles or 1062.12 Acres).



As per census of 2017, showing civil population of 8320 individuals. The Bannu Cantonment is a Class – III Cantonment. It has been divided into Two Electoral Wards.



The Government vides its Gazette notification No. 734/63 and No. 735/63 dated April, 1963 has approved the declaration of 48.617 Acres of land comprising various Svy Nos in Bannu Cantonment as a Bazar Area under Clause (b) of Rule-2 of CLA Rules, 1937.